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Fellow Americans,
I am writing this as a mother of a SPC who served with the 1st Armored Division in Iraq from April 2003 through July 2004.

Our soldiers are doing a great job. They are not only seeking out terrorists, but are helping Iraqis become independent. The everyday citizen doesn’t often hear about all the positive new in Iraq, such as the rebuilding of roads, the installation of air conditioners in nursing homes, or the new freedom and independence for many Iraqi women.

We have sent many packages to our son’s unit which is comprised of troops from all over the US as well many other soldiers .

We received many cherished lettters which make me weep with the realization of how necessary packages and letters are to our homesick troops. They lifty morale and help to keep our soldiers alert and commited to their work. They deserve much gratitude for their sacrifices, and they’ve suffered mightily in 120+ degree heat, sandstorms, and the obvious daily dangers they face everyday.

Recently, I started an all volunteer ” Freedom Fund” in order to help the newly deployed Nationla Guards and other units headed for Iraq. Regardless of one’s views on the war, people can still help our soldiers.

Won’t you shouw your love and appreciation, which are especially needed now, by either sending letters which I will forward (write”Dear Soldier”) or giving a Donation (checks prefered, credit cards accepted) to the Freedom Fund? All donations are tax deductable and 100% for the troops. Additionally you may send me names of soldiers that are deployed and in need of help.

Any amount you can afford is appreciated as are letters or cards of encoragement!

Thank you for supporing the troops.

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  • Jenci Spradlin
    February 1, 2013 at 2:12 pm |

    Please email Beverly Cook in regards to the University of Memphis sponsorship for our Lambuth Campus. Ms. Jenci Spradlin completed the paperwork in Dec and mailed a check for $500.00. Do we get any privliges as a sponsor?

    Thank you, bev

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